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  • Dr. Antione Scruggs
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  • Greeting in the name of Jesus.

    I believe that God is preparing us for something great in the future. But God has shown me that there must be a pruning process before seeing blossom. Blossoms are a sign of future fruit. Spiritual sanctification is a process of God’s cutting away things that could hinder growth.

    The pruning shears are the Word of God. The Bible tells us that they are double-edged and sharp enough to cut between hard bone and soft tissue inside the bone. This means that they can penetrate hard-heart souls to reach fragile spiritual minds.

    This is an ongoing pruning process and not a one-time spiritual surgery. This is why the messages on Sunday and Wednesday are necessary for church growth. It is also why I preach the way I do. I am passionate about Kingdom business, and I want the same for my church family.

    The pruning process may seem painful, but it is necessary. Likewise, some of the messages may trouble some people’s minds, but they are spiritually beneficial for the soul.

    Just remember that pruning has a purpose. It ensures healthy growth. After it accomplishes its purpose and we see growth, we will no longer remember the pain.

    Our desire is to generate an atmosphere of excitement.  This is a part of doing more in 24. So, let’s continue to work together for the Kingdom and be prepared for others to come and grow at the Grove.


    Blessing and Much Love

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God's Word for Today:

Psalm 150:6 (ESV)

6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Breath is a sign of life. But it is also what makes humanity unique among God’s created order. The Bible says that man became a living soul when God infused him with His breath.

The word is also translated as spirit. This connects us with our Creator. This gives us the potential to communicate with the LORD. There is an internal need and yearning that only God can satisfy. We all sense it, even when we do not understand it.

Breath is a gift from God that should remind us to praise Him with every breath we take. It is a natural response we don’t think about and often take for granted.

God’s Word for today reminds us that since we still have breath in our bodies, we have an obligation to praise God. The Hebrew tense of the passage is a command, not a suggestion. If you are reading this… you know what to do.

Change Of Command


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