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Jewish culture required that the people of God extend loving hospitality to strangers and visitors. The requirement included food and shelter for an overnight stay. The meal would be the best that the host could fix and a cup from which the visitor would drink was constantly and continually filled during the meal.

If the host was pleased with the visitor and wanted the visitor to stay another night, the cup would be filled again the next morning. If the cup was empty it meant that the visitor was no longer welcome to stay.

Our prayer is that you will enjoy the spiritual food and drink you receive here and we hope that your souls will be filled by the "Bread from Heaven" and the "Living Water" of the Holy Spirit! Also, be assured that the cup of fellowship and Christian love is always filled.

Welcome to New Piney Grove and thank you for the honor of serving you.

Sowing His Seeds,

Pastor Dave Wilcoxson

New Piney Grove Baptist Church



Meeting Times:

  • Sunday Bible School - 8:30am
  • Sunday Church Service - 10am
    1. 1st Sunday: Communion
    2. 2nd Sunday: Men
    3. 3rd Sunday: Women
    4. 4th Sunday: Youth
    5. 5th Sunday: Family
  • Wednesday Prayer & Praise - 6:30pm
  • Wednesday Bible Training - 7pm
  • Thursday Intercessory Prayer - Noon – 1pm

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