January 22, 2023

Daniel 5:21 NASB (New American Standard Bible)

“He was also driven away from mankind, and his heart was made like that of beasts, and his dwelling place was with the wild donkeys. He was given grass to eat like cattle, and his body was drenched with the dew of heaven until he recognized that the Most High God is ruler over the realm of mankind and that He sets over it whomever He wishes.

Pastor's Commentary

The phrase “the Most High God” is recorded eleven times in the Bible. It is an expression that distinguishes Jehovah, the God of Israel from other so-called little “g” gods. This was a common view held by many including God’s people.

We may not want to admit it, but we all have little “g” gods in our lives. Those things that we rely upon for security and trust to do things we cannot. It could be our own abilities, intellect, jobs, bank accounts, doctors, friends, or spouses.

Like King Nebuchadnezzar, in God’s Word for today, sometimes the big “G” God may need to humble us so we will recognize that He is far above any and everything we think we need to depend upon. Join us this morning for a journey in the Word as Pastor Elect Antoine Scruggs teaches us that the Most High God still reigns over the kingdom of mankind.