January 24, 2023

Nahum 3:19 NLT (New Living Translation)

There is no healing for your wound; your injury is fatal. All who hear of your destruction will clap their hands for joy. Where can anyone be found who has not suffered from your continual cruelty?

Pastor's Commentary

The events of violence we see and hear daily on the local and national news portray a similar feeling to God’s Word for today. Unfortunately, there seems to be no end, and it’s becoming all too common. So much so that many are becoming numb to them. It is easy to be depressed and feel hopeless when negative news becomes an everyday occurrence.

The Prophet Nahum wrote to inform the Assyrian Empire that their suffering was only retribution for the evil they had done to God’s people. They were notorious for their inhumane treatment. The capital city was Nineveh, which repented because of the preaching of Jonah. But they soon returned to their evil ways.

The news of their destruction brought hope to Judah, who had experienced much of their horrific rage. Likewise, as God's people, no matter how bleak things are today, we can take comfort in knowing that God will take revenge for every wrong we have experienced.