March 31, 2021

large rock formation against dark sky - Photo by Frantzou Fleurine on Unsplash

Psalm 18:31–32 (ESV)
For who is God, but the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God? the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless.


David gives all the credit and glory to God for his success he experienced during this journey from a fugitive in the wilderness to a king in the palace. He was the unlikely choice among the sons of Jesse, criticized by his older brother and betrayed by his favorite son.

David recognized and acknowledge that only the God of Israel could have brought him through those difficult times. So, in an expression of thankfulness, David asked an important question with an obvious answer. He used the title for the Creator of the universe, Elohim (God), before getting specific by using His personal covenant name Yahweh (LORD). The King did not want his readers to have any doubt of his deliverer.

The king knew it was God who provided him with the strength to be victorious over the giant Goliath. He also understood it was God’s spirit that kept him blameless by refusing to kill King Saul – the one who was trying to kill him – on two occasions.

God’s Word for today teaches us that God is “a rock.” The word denotes stability, unmovable and unchanging. If we trust and obey Him, we can have the same success David had.

“Rock Of Ages, Cleft For Me. Let Me Hide Myself In Thee.”