May 2, 2021

man plowing a field with two horses - Photo by Bethel Wossenyeleh on Unsplash

Luke 9:62 (ESV)
Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”


Jesus knew that many of those who profess to faithfully follow Him would turn back along the journey. So, our Savior used powerful language to warn those who desired to be His disciples.

In the earlier verses, several prospective followers made excuses. So, when one candidate said yes, but first wait until I take care of some personal family business, Jesus responded with the words in this passage. Jesus knew that He could not be depended upon because the man was not fully committed and would turn back at some point on the journey.

In this morning's message, we will examine a group of people who professed they followed Jesus. However, their commitment was not to the truth about Jesus but to an erroneous viewpoint of Greek philosophers. Their belief about Jesus' identity was contrary to the core of Christianity.

Our prayer is that God will open the eyes of our hearts so that we will gain a better understanding of what we should believe about Jesus. And that His Spirit will guide us into the truth so that we will continue to move forward and never look back.