November 10, 2022

Psalm 86:1 ESV (English Standard Version)

Incline your ear, O LORD, and answer me, for I am poor and needy.

Pastor's Commentary

One of the first Christian hymns I heard sung in the church was “I Need Thee, Every Hour, I Need Thee.” The song was written in 1872 by a pastor named Robert Lowry. Not much is known concerning the inspiration for the song, but being a pastor also, it’s easy for me to relate. We often sense our need for God during times of trouble and deliverance. But Lowry understood our constant need for the LORD. It may be an old song, but the principle is timeless.

In 2018, Christian hip-hop artist Toby Mac, who confessed he was a “Born Again” defector, also spoke of the constant need for God. After years of trying to do things his own way, he wrote a song that simply said, “I Just Need You.” He was a 7-time Grammy winner but discovered that material things can never satisfy a spiritual void. So part of the lyric says,

“When I’m Up When I’m Down. When My Feet Hit The Ground. I Just Need, I Just Need You. On My Darkest Days. When I’m Losing Faith… I Just Need You, LORD, I Just Need You!”

In God’s Word for today, David cried out to the LORD. The word poor implies more than being without physical wealth; it also has to do with being spiritually destitute. It means to be utterly empty of worth. It is a point in life we all will find ourselves eventually. It will be a time when the words of Pastor Robert Lowry and Singer Toby Mac become real in our lives.