October 7, 2021

cars mostly submerged under flood waters - Photo by Chris Gallagher on Unsplash

Psalm 69:15 CSB (Christian Standard Bible)
Don’t let the floodwaters sweep over me or the deep swallow me up; don’t let the Pit close its mouth over me.


The recent weather pattern has resulted in flash flood warnings throughout much of our nation. These types of floods can come surprisingly quick, catching many off-guard and unprepared. They have been reported to trap many people in their vehicles and homes.

This can be true of sin. They start with one raindrop that turns into a shower, and before we can heed the warning, it develops into a full-blown storm. Before we know it we are swept away in its powerful current, unable to rescue ourselves.

Perhaps this was the way David felt when he penned the words to this Psalm. He cried out to the LORD in desperation. Like David, the floods that suddenly come upon us are not always meteorological. The storm in his life was of human origin. But our hope for our rescue lies in the same God.

God’s Word for today is for that person going through a storm, and the floodwaters are rising. You have a God who controls the wind and the rain. They still know His name.